Utilitarian Spot

Access day ahead prices of electricity for your area. Simple, fast and free.

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Code example in Python

            import httpx

            # get latest prices for SE1
            latest_prices = httpx.get(url="spot.utilitarian.io/electricity/SE1/latest")

            # all prices for 2022 for SE2
            prices_year_2022 = httpx.get(url="spot.utilitarian.io/electricity/SE2/2022")

            # prices for May 2022 for SE3
            may_prices = httpx.get(url="spot.utilitarian.io/electricity/SE3/2022/05")

            # prices for May 3d 2022 for SE4
            may_third_prices = httpx.get(url="spot.utilitarian.io/electricity/SE4/2022/05/03")